Home Care Provider

Client Benefit

A growing care to home provider engaged us to automate and simplify the candidate recruitment and tracking process.
The key success factor was to limit the administration work required to provide the best care to home service to the elderly, disabled and respite care recipients.

✓  Recruitment and Induction Processes - Solution Design

✓  Recruitment Process - Robotic Process Automation for candidate compliance tracking

✓  Introduction Process - Automation of reporting and matching care providers to clients


✓  Solution Design

✓  Robotic Process Automation Impletementation Design

✓  Reporting Platform Development

✓  Exception management implementation


✓  Quicker induction process resulting in better and faster service to care recipients.

✓  Process timereduced by 65%

✓  2 FTE Benefit

✓  Increased level of assurance and compliance of care candidates.

✓  Increased visibility of candidate recruitement.

By placing the care recipient at the focus of the process goal we were able to achieve benefits for the client and the care recipient. 
Besides for the time and cost benefit, the robotic process automation implementation provided an increased level of assurance and visibility of the compliance requirements of candidate care providers.