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YML Innovation was founded in order to help our clients improve their processes by leveraging the latest technology.
Our Values:
  • Our guiding value is integrity. We are honest and principled in our actions.
  • We act with respect in all our dealings with clients and colleagues.
  • We collaborate with our clients and as a team to solve problems.
  • We aim to enjoy our work and celebrate success.
  • Our clients are our priority and all decisions and actions are implemented for their benefit.
To be able to provide you with an end-to-end, strategic automation solutions, YML Innovation has partnered with the best in the market:
Product Layers
Support you organisations' RPA adoption using our RPA solutions.
To simulate the human actions to perform a task on the system. We use UiPath robot,considered the most popular and the best Robot in the world.
This is platform that we developed for years, we use this platform to capture the logic, relevant requirement and data, build algorithm to analyze the data and decide/recommend the next step.
This is combination of website plus AI, the dashboard is dynamic display of data and action items based of configuration and AI. This is the tool for the user to view the results of the data analysis and approve/ perform the relevant action (update PMS, send email, extract excel or PDF , print …).
We use this layer to set the unique setup for each hotel (logo, reports type, actions, access levels, approval levels …).
This platform will help the hotel to improve the business process for all the modules they use. The machine learning will identify patterns in errors, repeated mistakes and suggest actions to reduce the errors.
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